Our CAD Services

In today’s modern world, it is commonplace for CAD (Computer Aided Design) to feature in the construction world. However, for an interior design house it is far less common. With our in-house CAD team, we are proud to produce any drawings that may be required on site, from electrical and plumbing plans to flooring schedules and joinery designs. All our drawings are at the level at which they are suitable for use by experienced tradespeople, and easily readable by those less seasoned in the construction world. 

Not only can we create 2D technical drawings but RBD creates 3D visualisations, giving you an in-depth idea of what your project may be like upon completion. The detail which we can create in our drawing is second to none, giving both you and the construction team an accurate digital representation of what is to be in situ.

The drawings we provide can be given as part of our concept to completion service or on their own. Regardless of the stage of your project, we are happy to discuss potential CAD work to help you get the best out of your project.

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